About us

Why affiliate with BULDO vzw / FDSF vzw?

BULDO stands for “Belgian Union of Teachers of Dance and Forms of Intercourse.”

BULDO is the only Belgian professional association for dance teachers and exists since 1921. The professional association aims to promote dancing both recreationally as well as athletically and competitively.

BULDO also organizes a number of trainings to become a dance teacher.

Thanks to the thorough training and continuous education through seminars, workshops and congresses, BULDO teachers/lecturers are always up to date and guarantee high quality dance education.

BULDO also carries the internationally registered quality label “EURO DANCE CENTER“. This quality label may only be held by dance schools and dance teachers who meet the training standards imposed by WDC (World Dance Council). As a member of the WDC, BULDO also has the necessary international contacts to be able to practice sports dancing on a professional level.

Through the FDSF vzw (Federation Disco, Show and Freestyle) founded by BULDO, the students of the BULDO teachers also have the opportunity to participate in dance competitions. FDSF vzw organises competitions for the most diverse dance disciplines (hip-hop, disco, show dance, modern jazz, break dance,…). Within FDSF vzw a “Belgian” Amateur League (Bel-aL) was recently created. Within this structure all amateur dancers can practice the standard and Latin American, the Argentin tango, the Caraïbian dances, the swing etc., disciplines. 

FDSF vzw is a sports federation recognized by “Sport Vlaanderen”.

Internationally, competition dancers can dance in: