Guided training (Bel-aL)

Guided training for competition dancers Bel-aL

With the sole purpose of helping to improve the quality of its dance pairs, Buldo/Bel-aL has been organizing “guided training sessions” for several years.  These sessions cover only the “basic dance technique” and are given by renowned foreign trainers.  Since choreographies are not provided, they do not take the place of the own teacher/trainer.

This initiative will be continued in the coming season.

Who can attend these sessions?

Only for couples dancing in the Bel-aL competition.

During the sessions, no other couples or teachers are allowed into the room where the sessions take place. 

The recognized BULDO teachers who train these couples and register them in the name of their own club, member of FDSF vzw, can attend these training sessions if their school/club is member of FDSF vzw and if 1 or more of their couples participate in the session concerned.  Their presence is purely passive, i.e. they may not walk on the floor, take pictures or films or ask questions.

Registrations must be made in advance (at least 3 days in advance) to the e-mail address below:

Preferably by the recognized Buldo dance teacher
By the couple themselves, mentioning the name of their dance teacher and club or school

Email: be**************************@bu***.be


 Buldo dancer from accredited Buldo teacherOther Bel-al dancer
Guided training (1 lesson = 2h)50€ by couple70€ by couple
Private lessons (1 lesson = 45′)price teacher+10€ by lesson